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Product Overview

Previously called SAGE Line 50, Sage 50 is the UK’s most popular small business accounting solution and is recommended by over 90% of accountants. It is the perfect solution for businesses requiring a powerful accounting system which will accommodate their increasingly complex business requirements.

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You may be using a variety of methods to manage your key processes. Whichever systems you choose, you’re likely to require a solution that:

  • Covers all your accounting needs, from VAT returns to credit control
  • Provides instant management information and accurate reports
  • Saves you time and money, and offers complete business control
  • Is easy to use, with information displayed in the most beneficial way
  • Allows more than one person to work on the system at once
  • Is backed by excellent customer support, advice and training
  • Integrates with other software and offers industry-specific add-ons
  • Provides comprehensive data storage and full security

Let us introduce you to Sage 50.

Meeting every one of the above requirements, Sage 50 will lead you to increased business efficiency. It is designed to streamline all your accounting routines, reduce data entry and save you time.  The program integrates seamlessly with other Sage products, as well as with Microsoft Office software, to create a complete business management system, offering multi-user and multi-company configurations to suit all business types. Sage 50 will save you time and money, is ideal if your business is growing or developing and is already relied upon by thousands of UK companies. Sage 50 will assist you in managing your business in the following areas :

Managing your Customers

As your customer base expands it is important to be responsive to their needs by having instant access to their individual details. These would include their contact details, purchase history, credit and trading terms.

Managing your Products

However complex your business, there is a Sage 50 product to help you streamline your stock management, production and order fulfilment.

Managing your Suppliers

Your suppliers can be just as important as your customers and Sage 50 provides you with everything you need to keep track of what you buy and how much you are paying.

Managing your Accounts

Having full access and control over your accounts puts you in a strong position to make confident, informed decisions moving forward with the knowledge that all transactions are visible and have been fully accounted for.

Managing your Finances

Sage 50 helps you manage your finances through the financials option, which assists you when preparing your regular financial reports. As soon as you have entered your first transactions you can use this option to study how your business is performing.

Managing your Business

Sage 50 is designed to help you manage your business work as efficiently as possible providing you with more control of your accounts.



Sage 50 Accounts is a great piece of software that is used by many businesses. However, sometimes there are tasks that you want to perform that are just not available in the core software. Maybe you set up the account codes incorrectly Adept_S50_Additionswhen you first set up Sage 50 Accounts and want to change the codes, or run a business where you need to send out invoices automatically when a customer’s service contract is due etc….. Well, with the right Sage 50 Accounts Add-on, you can do many “extras” that you currently waste time trying to do within the confines of the core Sage 50 accounting software.

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