SAGE 50 Construction

Helps streamline processes between Professional Quantity Surveyors, contractors, subcontractors and HMRC to help businesses run at optimal efficiency and profitability

Sage 50 Construction is designed to put you in total control of your business whatever type of contractor you are.

Integration with Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Payroll means that there is no duplication of data, saving you time and helping you focus on building your profits.


  • Comply with HMRC legislation – accurately record and verify subcontractors and report to HM Revenue & Customs, through Internet Submissions, on subcontractors tax (CIS)

  • Meet contract budgets – multi-level contract cost control gives you real time costs against profit

  • Reduce costs – eliminates duplication with the ability to store real-time supplier and labour prices so best prices can be used again and again

  • Improve cash flow – record valuations, applications for payment and retentions so no unforeseen costs arise

  • Improve customer service – be more responsive to client/ subcontractor enquiries from detailed job structures and overview reports

Take a look at some of the key features in Sage 50 Construction:

  • Internet submissions – submit sub contractor reports (CIS 300) via our internet Submissions Module, improving accuracy and saving time. Other legislative functions include CITB levy, subcontractors insurance and discounts.

    Accurate cost control – up to date information on all contracts with full drill-down from subcontractor and supplier, through analysis codes and groups, to transaction detail line. Full visibility of contract information helps you keep control of cash flow.

    Control budget costs – monitor actual costs against estimated/budget costs, helping you highlight overspends immediately.

    Manage retentions – record, deduct and report on both subcontract and sales retentions.  Liabilities are reduced helping you claim any outstanding monies.

    Subcontractor and sales self-billing – record applications and generate both self-billing and authenticated receipts, with automated retentions, CITB deductions, discounts and CIS processing.

    Aged application reporting – assists credit control by generating reports showing monies applied for, certified and paid, by client and/or contract. This helps you keep control of cash flow to ensure jobs are not delayed.

    Stock control links – increase purchasing control by managing stock movements, deliveries and supplier prices on the purchase order. The supplier list price can also be used, increasing accuracy and removing the need to re-key data.

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